Gaming Info Resources One of the best places to visit if you are new to casino gaming is without doubt Focused on the Spanish gambling market, which has recently been regulated, they offer everything you need to know about online casinos. They have detailed guides on how to get started, as well as advanced strategy guides for experienced players. To make life a lot easier for Spanish players, they have also reviewed some of the biggest names on the casino market, such as Betfair and NetBet, based on a wide range of different criteria, making it easy for people to compare one site to another in a quick and convenient way! This is a great starting platform for beginners, as Casino ZX has several articles explaining the basics of how to start your casino journey. You’ll learn how the different casino games work, what to look for when you choose your online casino, and also how to spot rough casinos. has a large arsenal of different reviews over some of the best casinos on the market today, and you’ll find exclusive deals and offers on sites like and Betfair. The website is targeted towards Spain and Latin America and as different regulations are in place in the different regions, the site is available in two different versions, one for each region! If you are one of those players, constantly looking for a new casino, games and bonuses on the internet, then Eurogambler is a great place to look around. This website is specialized on the Latin American, European and Spanish market and has reviewed over 30 different casinos, so this really is a place where you can find anything. Look for great deals on major brands like NetBet, Botemania and Betway, where you can get a large bonus if you sign up via their links. To make the website even better, they even offer various guides for casino players looking to take their game to the next level! is probably one of the most stylish looking casino portals online today. The website is really easy to use, which is a huge plus when trying to hunt down the perfect casino site. The website comes in three version, each one focused on a specific region. Casino Online is recommended to casino players residing in Sweden, the United Kingdom as well as Latin America. On all versions, you can find customized deals on some of the best casinos in the world, including 888, Betfair, Interwetten and MrGreen. Every language version also offer basic casino guides that you can learn a lot from if you are new to casino gaming. Jugaronline is one of the most popular starting platforms when it comes to casino gaming in Latin America, much because it offers pretty much all the information a new player would need. You’ll find basic information and tips on how to properly start playing in online casinos, as well as guides on certain popular casino games. They’ll teach you what to look for when you are choosing your casinos, and they also offer a vast selection of reviews of casinos that are very popular in Latin America, such as, Euromania and Casino 770.With some of these brands, Jugar Online can offer you exclusive bonus promotions that are available to anyone signing up via their website. Tragamonedas means ‘Slot machines” in Spanish, and for anyone looking for casinos with good selection of videoslots, this is the place to visit. Focused on the Latin American casino market, have reviewed as much as 20 different casinos, all known for having particularly good slot machines. Classic casino websites such as Betmotion, Casino Tropez and InterCasino have all been reviewed and scored based on a large number of criteria, making it easy for you to decide whether a casino will be good or not! Fortunately, can almost always offer great valuable deals on the casinos listed on their site! Although this website is more focused on the Argentinean national lottery than online casino gaming, there’s still a lot of value for casino players on this site. They have a section where they have reviewed 15 of Argentina’s most popular gambling websites, with sites like Casino Bellini, Riva Casino, Mybet and Supremeplay casino all included. The reviews are very detailed and lets you find out everything you need to know about the game software, customer support, bonuses and usability. This is definitely a site to check out if you are an online gambler residing in Argentina looking for a new place to play at! Having been around only a year or two, has quickly established itself as Spain’s most popular bingo portal, and there’s no need to wonder why. BingoYa is filled with useful information for people of all skill levels, and it’s all laid out in a way that is very easy to understand. So what will you find at Well, you’ll find guides on how the game of bingo works, along with more advanced guides about game strategy, chat etiquette and how to make the most out of abingo bonus. You’ll also find several reviews over different popular bingo rooms in Spain, such as Binguez and Botemania! In my opinion, Juegos del Bingo is one of the greatiest hubs for bingo players around Spain. As we all know, online gambling has recently had some new regulations in Spains which now means that in order to operate a bingo website in Spain, you need to have a special license. All the websites listed on Juegos Del Bingo have been approved by the Spanish government meaning they are totally safe to play at. What’s good about Juegos Del Bingo as well, is the fact that they can offer you some really good deals at these casinos, that you wouldn’t have got unless you signed up via their website! is an absolute classic when it comes to online bingo in the Spanish market. It really fills a great function that a lot of people have been looking for as it gives players from all over the country a chance to learn all about bingo. They provide articles on various bingo related topics, where beginners as well as experienced players can take part of valuable information. Even better is the fact that they have a large list of licensed bingo operators, which means that players can easily compare one site to another when they make the decision of where to play bingo online! is one of the world’s largest international bingo centrals, especially big in Europe which is the websites main focal point. When entering the website you get to choose which region you are interested in, and the website will then tell you what the best bingo options are for your preferred region. I think this is a great way of doing things, as it quickly filters out the bingo sites that aren’t in your region, allowing you to focus fully on the options that are convenient for you. Also worth mentioning, is that thanks to the fact that is such a large name in the bingo world, they can offer a lot of great, exclusive deals on various bingo sites! Sports betting has always been very popular in Spain, where football is almost like a religion. As a sports bettor residing in spain for a couple of years, I was pleased when I found out about They have a lot of interesting articles and guides provided on their website, teaching people certain strategies that can be useful when you bet on sports on the internet. They also have a section on the site where they have reviewed different bookmakers, which makes it easy to find a sportsbook that is perfect for you. You also get a good overview of which sites are offering the best bonuses today. Apuestas Deportivas is definitely the number one place to go if you are looking for the best bonuses online in the sports betting world today. This website is specializing on the Spanish market meaning that all the website in their lists are licensed and authorized to operate in Spain. Thanks to special cooperation with the sportsbooks listen on their site, can offer free bets on up to €50 on classic sportsbooks such as Lbapuestas and William Hill, for example. This site is definitely worth visiting if you are on the hunt for a new, fresh sportsbook! When I first found Pronostico Quiniela I was happy that I had finally found a place that offered all the information I needed about the Spanish Quiniela. I’ve always been very interested in football, and when I started betting on sports, I really needed a place where I could read up on all the updates for the coming games. is updated regularly with the most important news regarding the league and they also have a lot of tips on which sportsbooks are offering the best odds on certain games. Definitely a place to remember if you like betting on Spanish football, visit them by clicking here! As financial betting, and Forex trading especially, has become so popular lately, I was pleased when I found out that there was a portal for Spanish speaking traders that fully explains the concept of trading on the forex market. I have browsed through the website and read up on a lot of articles which I found very helpful in the beginning of my trading career. Here, you’ll also find a lot of tips on which Forex brokers you should go for, and in their review section you will find a ton of different Forex brokers, all well known and respected. Brands thath they have reviewed include eToro, AVAFX and NetoTrade. Trading with binary options have become popular amongst private traders since it went online a couple of years ago. The reason it has become popular is probably because it’s the easiest form of trading we have ever had, meaning that everyday people without any sort of financial background can learn how to trade in just a few hours. If you would like to learn more about Binary Options, the Spanish site is definitely the place to go. They have everything from guides and tips to reviews and bonus offers on selected brokers like WinOptions, OptionsFair and 24 options, which are all big names in the Binary trading community. For English speaking people, is definitely the place you should visit if you would like to learn more about trading on the Foreign Exchange market, which is the worlds largest market today. In forex trading you are basically buying and selling and selling a currency with the goal of making a financial profit off it. You can learn how everything works at this website, which offers you a large selection of how-to guides, strategy guides, articles as well as reviews over most of the worlds popular Forex brokers. If you’ve been thinking about getting in to trading, you should visit straight away! Never have financial trading been so easy. Ever since binary options came about a few years ago, more and more people are getting in to it. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to have a background in finance in order to understand binary options. It can literally be learnt in just a few minutes, and at you are provided with all the necessary information in order to start trading successfully. You will also get a good start as they have some really good bonus offers on some of the world’s most well known and respected binary brokers, like Traderush and Anyoption!

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